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Our History

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Paul has been in Tucson since coming here in 1980 to attend the University of Arizona.  After attending Law School at the University Of Arizona College Of Law, Paul worked for a small time in a criminal defense firm before founding and going to work at the non-profit Southern Arizona People’s Law Center.

Our Mission

Arizona has a justice gap. There are 15,000 lawyers in Arizona, but most of them serve the wealthy and privileged. For too many, hiring a lawyer is out of reach. Thousands of families each year are forced to navigate a legal maze alone. Our mission is to close the justice gap by offering legal services that are within reach for low-income families, the homeless, and the marginalized. We are a for-profit law firm; we approach our work with
a nonprofit spirit.

Our Vision of Civil Rights

We are civil rights lawyers. What are civil rights? Civil rights are at issue when police arbitrarily stop you. Civil rights are involved when a landlord wrongfully evicts you. Civil rights are involved when you are fired because of your race or your disability. Civil rights are involved when your landlord doesn’t fix the air conditioning in the middle of an Arizona summer. Civil rights are involved when an employer pays you less than the law requires. There are many more examples.



Paul worked very hard on my case and was great. He got me an awesome settlement. I would definitely recommend him. Great guy, a great lawyer, and super smart and professional.
Daniel T.
Former Client
Paul will defend you civil rights and give you exactly what one expects. 5 star all the way. thanks Paul
Pepper M.
Former Client

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